The challenges:

We ran these three challenges in the following order ? roughly 90 minutes each (a bit less for Horoscopes and a bit more for Top Trumps).

Software Sloppography

Graph how the number of TODO comments, ?throw new RuntimeException? statements, ?throws Exception? declarations and other sloppy programming practices in a Subversion codebase changes over time.

By revision or by date? Either is good, both is better!


Give me an overall indication of what sort of day I?m going to have, e.g. good or bad? Happy or depressing? Based on at least two horoscopes from online sources.

Top Trumps

Automatically make a deck of Top Trumps cards from the attendee list.

Each card should show a picture of the attendee (if possible) and six statistics. The statistics on the card can be chosen by the pair but must be generated automatically.

Attendees are given a text file containing the names of the attendees, one per line.

I want to be able to print the deck, but I don?t mind if I have to cut the cards out.

Prettiness counts!

Note: don?t get too stressed if you can?t find an image for everyone.

Note: the information and images don?t have to be 100% accurate.